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import time
from board import SCL, SDA
import busio
from adafruit_neotrellis.neotrellis import NeoTrellis
from adafruit_neotrellis.multitrellis import MultiTrellis
from neotrellism4 import NeoTrellisM4
#create the i2c object for the trellis
I2C = busio.I2C(SCL, SDA)
"""create the trellis. This is for a 2x2 array of TrellisM4 (first row) with
2 Neotrellis (second row).
[ NeoM4_left | NeoM4_right ]
neotrellis0 | neotrellis1
trellim4_left = NeoTrellisM4()
trellim4_right = NeoTrellisM4(left_part=trellim4_left)
trelli = [
[trellim4_left, trellim4_right],
[NeoTrellis(I2C, False, addr=0x2F), NeoTrellis(I2C, False, addr=0x2E)]
trellis = MultiTrellis(trelli)
#some color definitions
OFF = (0, 0, 0)
RED = (127, 0, 0)
YELLOW = (127, 75, 0)
GREEN = (0, 127, 0)
CYAN = (0, 127, 127)
BLUE = (0, 0, 127)
PURPLE = (90, 0, 127)
#this will be called when button events are received
def blink(xcoord, ycoord, edge):
#turn the LED on when a rising edge is detected
if edge == NeoTrellis.EDGE_RISING:
trellis.color(xcoord, ycoord, BLUE)
#turn the LED off when a rising edge is detected
elif edge == NeoTrellis.EDGE_FALLING:
trellis.color(xcoord, ycoord, OFF)
for y in range(8):
for x in range(8):
#activate rising edge events on all keys
print(x, y)
trellis.activate_key(x, y, NeoTrellis.EDGE_RISING)
#activate falling edge events on all keys
trellis.activate_key(x, y, NeoTrellis.EDGE_FALLING)
trellis.set_callback(x, y, blink)
trellis.color(x, y, PURPLE)
for y in range(8):
for x in range(8):
trellis.color(x, y, OFF)
while True:
#the trellis can only be read every 17 millisecons or so