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Use Adafruit TrellisM4 Express board as 2 Neotrellis board. You can you use this to extend TrellisM4 with Neotrellis (seesaw) boards.
This driver depends on:
* `Adafruit CircuitPython <>`_
* `Bus Device <>`_
* `Adafruit Neopixel driver <>`_
* `Adafruit Seesaw driver <>`_
* `Adafruit Matrix Keypad library <>`_
Please ensure all dependencies are available on the CircuitPython filesystem.
This is easily achieved by downloading the `Adafruit library and driver bundle <>`_.
Usage Example
`How to solder boards together <>`_
To use Trellis as 2 Neotrellis (seesaw):
.. code-block:: python3
from neotrellism4 import NeoTrellisM4
trellis_left = NeoTrellisM4()
trellis_right = NeoTrellisM4(left_part=trellis_left)
To use TrellisM4 tilled with Neotrellis (seesaw):
.. code-block:: python3
from board import SCL, SDA
import busio
from adafruit_neotrellis.neotrellism4 import NeoTrellisM4
from adafruit_neotrellis.neotrellis import NeoTrellis
from adafruit_neotrellis.multitrellis import MultiTrellis
I2C = busio.I2C(SCL, SDA)
trellim4_left = NeoTrellisM4()
trellim4_right = NeoTrellisM4(left_part=trellim4_left)
trelli = [
[trellim4_left, trellim4_right],
[NeoTrellis(I2C, False, addr=0x2F), NeoTrellis(I2C, False, addr=0x2E)]
trellis = MultiTrellis(trelli)
Contributions are welcome! Please read our `Code of Conduct
before contributing to help this project stay welcoming.
For information on building library documentation, please check out
`this guide <>`_.