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# Travis CI configuration for automated .mpy file generation.
# Author: Tony DiCola
# License: Public Domain
# This configuration will work with Travis CI ( to automacially
# build .mpy files for CircuitPython when a new tagged release is created. This
# file is relatively generic and can be shared across multiple repositories by
# following these steps:
# 1. Copy this file into a .travis.yml file in the root of the repository.
# 2. Change the deploy > file section below to list each of the .mpy files
# that should be generated. The config will automatically look for
# .py files with the same name as the source for generating the .mpy files.
# Note that the .mpy extension should be lower case!
# 3. Commit the .travis.yml file and push it to GitHub.
# 4. Go to and find the repository (it needs to be setup to access
# your github account, and your github account needs access to write to the
# repo). Flip the 'ON' switch on for Travis and the repo, see the Travis
# docs for more details:
# 5. Get a GitHub 'personal access token' which has at least 'public_repo' or
# 'repo' scope:
# Keep this token safe and secure! Anyone with the token will be able to
# access and write to your GitHub repositories. Travis will use the token
# to attach the .mpy files to the release.
# 6. In the Travis CI settings for the repository that was enabled find the
# environment variable editing page:
# Add an environment variable named GITHUB_TOKEN and set it to the value
# of the GitHub personal access token above. Keep 'Display value in build
# log' flipped off.
# 7. That's it! Tag a release and Travis should go to work to add .mpy files
# to the release. It takes about a 2-3 minutes for a worker to spin up,
# build mpy-cross, and add the binaries to the release.
language: generic
sudo: true
provider: releases
api_key: $GITHUB_TOKEN
- "adafruit_max31865.mpy"
skip_cleanup: true
tags: true
- sudo apt-get -yqq update
- sudo apt-get install -y build-essential git python python-pip
- git clone -b 2.x
- make -C circuitpython/mpy-cross
- export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/circuitpython/mpy-cross/
- sudo pip install shyaml
- shyaml get-values deploy.file < .travis.yml | sed 's/.mpy/.py/' | xargs -L1 mpy-cross